Oracle Signs and Services has a team of skilled and qualified engineers which can create customized signs according to the client’s requirements. Our team of engineers and designers work tirelessly together. As a result, our signage is so sound that it can combat the different types of conditions.

Our team takes into consideration many conditions when designing the signs. Our team has the necessary expertise to create long lasting signage. Also, we try and test all these in our advanced and ultramodern facility.

Oracle Signs and Services uses the latest and advanced fabrication equipment, also, the fully equipped Oracle Signs and Services truck fleet can handle any type of sign project.

This is our produc roadmap:

Design Order Implementation

The sales order process consists of contract approval,  production shop drawings, client drawing approval, permit evaluation and procurement. There is the landlord and engineering approval also, if necessary. The last step is the financial commitment.



Production starts with the processing of the work order and scheduling the job. After that, the materials are procured and routed by the computer. The next step is of structural fabrication. Then, the wires and illumination are assembled. The next step is of preparation, priming and painting. Then, there is the process of final assembly and vinyl application. Finally, there is a post-production quality review. Shipping of the product is the last step in this process.


Building the Sign

Building the sign starts with site assessment, hole drilling, inspection followed by foundation installation. Next step is the equipment staging and lane closure services followed by the installation of the signage. After all the installation, there is a quality review to check the quality. Then, there is a final permit inspection after which is the post-installation process


Contract and Financial Completion :

This process consists of warranty, maintenance and software upgrades and training.

Does Your Sign Need Maintenance?